A well designed medical device package is a competitive advantage.

But getting to “great” is hard work and it requires that the packaging company and the customer be in lockstep. That’s why we start by asking a plethora of probing questions. With a clear picture of your product and your goals, we create a custom solution that fits your special needs.


Here are the kinds of questions we ask:

  • What product characteristics need protection?
  • How fragile is your product?
  • What features enhance your customer’s interaction with the packaging?
  • What brand or image can we communicate with color, texture and shape?
  • Will your product be displayed in the thermoformed package?
  • Will your product be sterilized in the package?
  • If so, what type of sterilization?
  • Must the package protect against moisture?
  • What are the requirements for storage, shipping and shelf life of your product?

Your Dedicated Project Manager:

Having worked with medical companies since 1976, we’ve also learned that the best approach is to have a dedicated project manager who understands marketing, engineering, packaging and materials who can guide the project to completion. Our Project Managers play this role on your project, bringing decades of experience to every step in the process.

“Merrill’s goes above and beyond to make sure our production line is never shut down.”

Leticia Lopez, Mentor


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