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Medical Packaging We know it inside and out. Medical Procedure Tray Kit PETG heat sealable paired with Tyvek lid for ETO sterilization, custom design and manufactured trays up to 60” long and 10” deep. Ask about our other size options. Fold Over Clamshell This medical device organizer made the manufacturing process more efficient and the health-care professional's work easier. Epidural Tray Low cost, gamma sterilizable trays that protect drug filled glass ampules and syringes, our organizers can accommodate over 100 different product configurations. Pipette Tray Serving the Life Sciences industries, this low cost, highly functional thermoformed package is used in labs and hospitals worldwide. Medical Procedure Inner/Outer Tray Consisting of two trays, this high temperature polycarbonate plastic package can be sealed with a Tyvek lid. Syringe Inner / Outer Tray A dual-sterile barrier is created with the inner and outer tray comprised of PETG.


Having worked with medical and biotech companies for decades, we are well acquainted with stringent FDA and customer requirements and have a proven track record of producing top quality, 100% particulate-free thermoformed trays for Medical and Biotech on time and on budget. They’re also easy for your customers to open, store, and handle and are widely known to have the best edges in the business.
Shield Vector DesignOur packaging is formed in a class 8 clean room environment supported by an ISO 13485:2016 quality management system. We provide material certification, lot traceability and SPC documentation.



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