With budgets tight, timelines quick, and demands high, it can be tempting for some to shortcut quality. At Merrill’s Packaging, our culture is built around a credo that can be summed up in two words: “NEVER COMPROMISE.” No matter what project we’re working on or what stage it’s in, we maintain a relentless focus on producing the highest quality packaging possible.

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Our Quality Credo

Merrill’s Packaging is committed to excellence through our continuous quest for Quality. We are committed to providing our customers with defect free product, every time on time. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations!

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Arrow 200x200Using a wide range of FDA approved materials (PETG, HDPE, PP, HIS and high temperature polycarbonate) Merrill’s packages can withstand any number of sterilization methods such as ETO, gamma, e-beam, dry heat or steam.
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